Rajat Bansal

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I love loud music, travelling, driving cars, 3D action movies, hitting the gym... but it all goes to next level just when I get one to one with Xcode! I enjoy programming & like to make awesome things through it! I feel great & lucky that my first 'try-out' app, WDF! - WhatDaFun! (formerly SMS Addict), went onto top Indian iTunes charts & became a hit! It has given me a rare opportunity to build my career on the thing I love!

Apart from all above, I also overlook family owned Hospital & a School!

I get inspired by the achievements of people like Steve Jobs, A R Rahman, Eminem, Narendra Modi, Sachin Tendulkar.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Address: Near Chandigarh, Haryana, India
e-mail: dearrajat[at]hotmail.com